Lock out/Tag out (LOTO)

Locking and marking procedures are introduced into the internal regulation of many companies. Insulation is designed to ensure that before any worker starts repairing equipment or equipment where unexpected systems such as electrical tension, fluid pressure that may lead to accidents or potential accidents, such equipment or equipment may occur It will be adequately protected (closed) and labeled.

Lock out / Tag out we use when

The serviceman is servicing or using the device / equipment in such a way that unexpectedly starting or releasing the accumulated energy can cause an accident or injury.

  • An employee must remove or bypass a security guard or other safety device
  • The employee has no control over the whole workstation located in a different location than eg the control panel.
  • There is a hazardous area around the work area where burns, bruises, or electric shocks can result.
  • Others where leaving the machine unattended poses a safety risk to workers.

The LOCK OUT / TAG OUT locking system was created to avoid incidents, accidents and costs associated with them. It is the responsibility of the employee to do the job honestly and using safe working methods – it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safe working conditions of every workplace at workplace.