Employment of foreigners:

Employment of foreigners from outside the EU in Poland (Citizens of the member states of the EU are treated in employment matters equally with the citizens of the Republic of Poland)

People from outside the countries covered by the freedom of movement for workers may work in Poland after obtaining a work permit, which is issued by the governor (voivode) with jurisdiction over the registered office of the employer.

The condition upon which the legal possibility of earning on the Polish territory by foreigners depends is their legal stay in the country, depending on possession of the adequate documents:

Travel document – passport.
Visa – a Schengen visa or a national visa which is issued or refused by the consul.

The application work permit for a foreigner is submitted on his or her behalf by the employer. The authority deciding about granting of the work permit is the governor of the appropriate administrative unit. If it is impossible to associate the foreigner with a specific province due to the nature of his or her work, an application is submitted to the Masovian Voivodeship, voivode work permit is issued for a particular foreigner. A work permit clearly indicates the employer of the employed foreigner and the position or the type of work performed by the foreigner as well as the period of validity of the work permit.
A work permit is issued for a fixed period, however not longer than three years and may be extended.

Due to regulations changing from day to day, it is important to validate which proper county bodies have the most recent and proper approach at a time.