Training delivery

Periodic training is delivered in the form of instructions and a lecture according to the training program. HSEA focuses primarily on the active participation of the training participants (role playing, case study), as well as raising OSH awareness and culture among employees. HSEA departed from the routine forms of training involving only a long and monotonous lecture, and replaced it with an interactive “game” which, by using simple methods, allows the employees to learn much more valuable information than during routine training.

The aim of the training is to update and complement knowledge and skills, particularly in the following  fields:
occupational safety and health rules and regulations related to the work performed,

  • risks related to the work performed,
  • procedures in case of an accident or danger.

We deliver periodic training:

for white-collar positions:

in the form of on-site training,
in the form of guided self-education without detachment from work (e-learning),

for blue-collar positions:

practical part – in the form of instruction involving client’s management staff,
theoretical part – in the form of instruction delivered by a representative of HSEA.

Method of assessing the training results:

Upon completion of the course, participants are required to take a checking examination which constitutes the basis for the issuance of the certificate. The examination in the form of test questions is conducted by an examination board appointed by HSEA (a representative of HSE Advisor and a representative of the client).
– HSEA issues a training accomplishment certificate and sends it to the client’s head office.