Based on our experience, we decided to ally ourselves and start our HSEA business. We offer a wide range of HSE / HSE services. Our rich experience: past and present, especially related to the construction industry or Oil & Gas, we want to share our knowledge and experience with our customers.

Karol Żurek – an Environmental Protection specialist by education, a coach by passion and an OSH specialist by trade. The position of an OSH specialist in a consulting company enabled him to gain the essential experience in various industry
branches, namely food industry, heavy industry, waste management, scrap processing, transport and others. Karol is holding the management HSE Country position in international Construction company. He is managing a team of eight HSE Advisors located on project across all the country. He believes that work and contact with people make it possible to turn theoretical  knowledge into practice.
Karol is a practitioner and an active person who encourages others to act, supports and motivates them. This attitude manifested when he took up HSE – a new domain in Poland. He describes himself: “I am  a person who seeks as many diverse tasks as possible and I assume two responsibilities: motivating and promoting. I am to improve the status quo instead of accepting it.”

Anna Łozyńska – working at the position of Contract Specialist in HSEA, is responsible for customer service for clients in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Her main task is to represent the company on these markets. Anna comes from Ukraine. She is a responsible and creative person with highly developed organizational skills. Thanks to having worked, among others, in the Ukrainian public administration, she contributes to the team her valuable knowledge in the field of administration as well as an Eastern point of view.